Mobile Development

Dio Button

Lab Questions:

For each of the elements, drag it onto your screen and answer the following questions: What values does it record? (e.g. True/False, numbers). If numeric, what is the max/min value? Add the following code (in text mode) to record the data type (e.g. string, boolean, number...)
Element Default Event Records Data Type Max/Min
Button When pressed Press Boolean N/A
Text Input When text input Text value String N/A
Label Click Text value String N/A
Dropdown Change Text within options String N/A
Radio Button Change True/False Boolean N/A
Checkbox Change True/False Boolean N/A
Image Click True/False Boolean N/A
Canvas Click True/False Boolean N/A
Screen Click/Press True/False Boolean N/A
Text Area Change Any text input String N/A
Chart Draw Chart Data from chart String No max or min
Slider Change Range of numbers decided by user String Max or min relative to user

Paint Pot

Choose Your Own Adventure

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